Gallon of Water a day weight loss

Gallon of Water a Day Challenge

Our bodies are 70 percent water so we need to pay attention that we are drinking enough every day. You should drink around one gallon a day, but no more than a gallon.

So I want to invite you to the challenge to drink 1 gallon of water every day for the month of October. To find out more about why drinking water is so important, check out these key facts below.


What does water help you do?

  • ·         Maintains healthy skin, hair and organs


  • ·         Helps your body absorb essential vitamins, minerals and natural sugars


  • ·         Regulates your body temperature


  • ·         Helps eliminate toxic substances (keeps you regular)


  • ·         It flushes our system


Sometimes when you think you are hungry, your body is really telling you it is thirsty.  Before you reach for a snack, have a refreshing glass of water and see if that is really what your body wanted all along.

How to Make Sure you Get a Gallon.

Bring your own bottle with you every where. If you have your own drink of choice with you when you go to work or the gym, you will be more likely to drink your beverage of choice. Make it fun by getting a new, fun water bottle. There are so many choices out there now and most are BPA free so you can be sure no toxins are being added to your water by your water bottle.

Another way people choose to get their water in is by setting a timer for each hour, or grabbing a glass on the top of each hour. So in order to get 120-128 ounces of water in, in a day, that would equal out to 12  ten ounce glassed a day.. If you break it up in to little cups like this, it should not seem so overwhelming thinking you are drinking a gallon.

How can you tell you are well hydrated?

Check your urine, if it is pale yellow or clear, you are well hydrated.  If it is deep yellow or murky looking you are not and should make sure you get more water into your daily intake.

Are you ready to take the challenge?

If you are ready to join in my monthly “Gallon of Water a day Challenge”, Click here to Join

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