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 My Story


Welcome to my page!! I am Sarah Gadacz, a very busy wife and mother of six children.  Oldest are twin boys age 13 to youngest 2 years old.

My story starts in 2010, a year after the birth of our last son, I was 75 pounds overweight and very self-conscious.  I didn’t want to feel this way anymore, so I researched different diets taking into consideration what would be the easiest, quickest and convenient diet I could follow having a larger, busier family.  I also researched different weight training and cardio programs that I could do easily out of the comfort of my own home, so it would be more convenient than trying to drag five children with me to a gym.  After finding my “soulmate workout”, I quickly became addicted to the feeling working out gave me, giving me a place to let out my stress in a healthy way.  This is how I became a FANATIC about fitness.

All that hard work helped me lose 65+ pounds since starting my journey.  I had a couple set backs on my journey but overcame them and got to a weight I was happy with.  A couple years ago we were surprised with a pregnancy which resulted in a miscarriage. This event, really “woke me up” and made me feel like God was telling me that I “wasn’t done yet”. So we then tried which resulted in two more miscarriages. During this year of a “roller coaster of emotions, resulted in me gaining 10 pounds each miscarriage. Yes a total of 30 pounds that I took off previously. After the third miscarriage, I kind of threw my hands up in the air and put it all in to Gods hands. If I was going to get pregnant with a “healthy, full-term pregnancy”, it was up to God to make it happen. My relationship with God became a lot closer during these trials in my life. Sometimes that is what God wants us to endure to strengthen our relationship with him again. In the month after our third miscarriage, I had completed my Consecration to Mary and the 54 Day Miracle Rosary. If you are Catholic you may be familiar with these. We practice NFP of course and Even though we “avoided” coming together during my prime time, we ended up becoming pregnant. Which I really think is miraculous. (If you could see my chart, you would understand) The only way I knew I was pregnant was I was feeling a little different. I took a test just looking for the negative and was so SHOCKED when I saw the positive. Having had three previous miscarriages, I was so nervous of course. Like I was walking on egg shells for the first three months. Fast forward, nine months later, we welcomed our healthy 8 pound 5 ounce baby girl. A true blessing from God.

Five years ago we also moved from a little city out to country life on a little hobby farm with 80 acres. We have a couple head of sheep and some beef cows, two cats and our little puppy Missy.  We added in some laying hens this Spring and are excited to see some fresh eggs this Fall. And of course we take advantage of living out in the country and plant a big garden in the Summer, growing fresh Romaine, potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, peas, squash, cucumbers, fresh herbs, etc. Knowing exactly where it is coming from and what is going into them is the best. I love our little life here and I can’t say enough how much I am giving thanks to God for everything in my life, the good, the bad, the happy and the sad…I learn everyday there are more moments to enjoy in every season of life!

My main goal in life is to inspire others to become fit and healthy, and teach you the tips and tricks to reach your own health/fitness goals.

This website is all about what I have learned in my journey to become a fit and healthy mom after starting my own clean living/clean eating lifestyle about five years ago and am always being asked about what I am doing or products I use to maintain my family’s lifestyle.  So why not take all those FAQ and turn it into a permanent reference area by creating a website.

I also am on MyFitnessPal to help keep track of my weight loss. You can friend me there for accountability. My username is msgadacz. I also am a FitBit user and welcome new people to be challenged by in weekly or daily challenges. Connect with me there as well. I always welcome a little challenge.

I hope you find the tips, information and inspiration here to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Find out more about the Tools I Used to Reach My Goals!

To Your Health,


Sarah Gadacz

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