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Hello There!!

I’m Sarah!

A stay-at-home mother of six, soon to be seven, beautiful children and wife to my wonderful husband Mike!

I grew up in a large Catholic family ( I was number 10 of 11 children) on a farm and liked the atmosphere I grew up in. My husband and I were open to what God wanted to give us. Our family grew pretty fast!

We got pregnant a year after we were married and at my 20-week ultrasound were so surprised to find out we were expecting twins. We both were speechless and a little dazed and confused. Our ultrasound tech was so non-chalant. Here is one head, here is the other. Here is one heart, here is the other. Like we already knew or something. WHAT?!?! 15 weeks later we had identical twin boys born. They had to be in the NICU for 10 days but were pretty healthy. When our twin boys were just 7 months old we discovered we were pregnant again. We were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Then again, like clockwork, when our daughter was 7 months old, we discovered we were pregnant yet again. When the boys were 32 months and our daughter was 16 months we were blessed with another beautiful daughter. Four children under the age of 3 years old.  

Obviously it didn’t end there. Three years (yes, God gave us a little break) later we were blessed with another son. 

That is when we thought God may be done blessing us with children. But in May of 2013 we were surprised with a pregnancy. Just as soon as we found we were pregnant, we lost the pregnancy to miscarriage. We were disappointed, but it left us thinking that God was not done blessing us with children. So three months later, we were pregnant, but lost that pregnancy to miscarriage at 7 weeks in. A few months later we were pregnant again and lost that pregnancy to miscarriage 6 weeks in.

Of course we were very saddened and I personally had enough of the emotional rollercoaster I was on for the last 9 months. The ups and downs of pregnancy and loss…. Makes a person question. WHY?? 

During this emotional time, my relationship with God grew deeper than it ever was before. Yes I grew up in a very devout Catholic family. My husband, family and I went to church every Sunday and all Holy Days of Obligation, but I felt like i was just “going through the motions” and didn’t have a true relationship with God. I think sometimes God just gives us challenges to work through to increase our reltationship with him. 

At this point, I threw my hands up in the air and put it all in to Gods hands and said, “God if it is your will that we have more children, it is all in your hands”. The next month we discovered we were pregnant again, after not trying might I add, and we were blessed with our “rainbow baby” four short days after Christmas. So there are six years between our youngest and second youngest. 

Shortly before our youngest 2nd birthday, my husband and I were debating back and forth whether we should add a “playmate” (although, she gets plenty of attention from her other siblings) for our youngest since there are a few years between her and her brother. Well God decided for us, once again and we are expecting her little playmate the end of this Summer. We all are excited to be welcoming this new addition soon.

More about Me...

We live on a small 80-acre hobby farm in Minnesota. We have pigs, chickens, cows, dogs and cats. My husband and sons love crop farming and everything that has to do with being outdoors (Hunting, fishing, etc..) We also garden during the Summer, and I am still in the process of earning my green thumb so am thankful for my Dad’s large garden and the extra surplus he tends to share with everyone, which I can, freeze or process in one way or another. My favorite is having fresh eggs on hand.

I feel blessed to be able to raise a lot of our own food. Someday I would love to get my hands on a hive and some honey bees. I love nature and everything God created to help us heal, live and get nourishment from.

My Health and Fitness Journey!!

Me at my Heaviest after the birth of our fifth child.

So I have been on a pretty long journey. My weight of course had its own ups and downs with my pregnancies and miscarriages. After the birth of our fifth, I started working out hard and drinking a very popular nutritional shake and it did help me see results but it was a very expensive shake. Everyone of course was asking me what I was doing and I was more than happy to share so I started sharing and earning money by being a coach for that company. I felt guilty asking people to buy this overpriced shake and also wanted to stay home with my children after we had our sixth and couldn’t see fitting the price of the shake into our monthly budget and quit after a year. I just felt like I was taking advantage of people, but I really loved helping people! 

Me at my lowest weight

That is when I was introduced to a different company. I first fell in love with it because of their awesome line of chemical free, non-toxic, budget-friendly (especially with a large family like mine) products that actually work with out all the harsh chemicals. After using the products for a month, it was a no-brainer to share these products with my friends and family. Plus the track record of this company, I mean they’ve been around for more than 30 years. That says a lot.

I loved being able to work for such an amazing company and still be at home with my children. It gave me the flexibility to work when I have the free time to put in.

It isn’t hard sharing these products with my family and friends, because just like we tell our family and friends about a good restaurant or movie, sharing this company is no different.

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