Summer Refreshing Drink Recipes

by Sarah Gadacz on June 10, 2015

Summer Refreshing Drink Recipes

Summer Refreshing Drink Recipe

Summer is in to full swing now and my family is feeling the heat, “literally”. Living in Minnesota, we look forward to the warmer weather and the fun outdoor activities that brings for us. We love to swim, fish, bike, run, play softball, garden, take family walks and clean up ditches (our kids love to look for aluminum “loot”), just being able to get outside after being cooped up all winter. It is just the beginning of June and we have already made two trips to our local municipal pool.

Being out and active in the heat also means we need to stay hydrated. My kids really love juice, that is why when we found Splash2O a few years ago, I was so happy because it is a great way to get my kids to drink water without all the sugar or aspartame like other drinks have.

Here is one of our favorite Summer refreshing drink recipes to mix up:

Melaleuca SplasH2O RecipeBrought To You By Melaleuca Journal

Still not sold, here is how Splash2O compares in price to other drinks: splash2o_price_comparison

We also love their alternative to Gatorade. Sustain provides hydration and endurance with twice the electrolytes and lower sugar and calories than Gatorade.


My kids love using sustain during their softball games and any time they are sweating more than usual. We also use it when any one has flu symptoms to help re-hydrate.

Here is how Sustain Compares to Gatorade:


If you would like more information on natural, safe AND effective products click here!

We truly love ALL the products Melaleuca has to offer and use them daily in our home. I feel wonderful using the products and that I don’t have to worry about my children getting in to their cleaning products. Their products do not have safety caps, if that tells you anything about their safety.


Growing Children and Nutrition



If your children are anything like mine, they are sometimes stubborn when it comes to eating food that is healthy and nutritious. I have tried every vitamin and nutritional meal replacement shake for my 6 year old son and he hated the taste of them all. Until now, we have found a great shake and he asks for it daily for breakfast. Koala Pals Shakeables, Daily Nutritional Shake and Koala Pals Vitamins.

koala pals vitamins

koala pals shakeables

Formulated with research-recommended amounts of 22 essential vitamins and minerals and powered by patented Oligo technology to ensure absorb-ability of those key vitamins and minerals provides the balanced nutrition your kids need every day. It is also has a great source of protein and fiber, as it helps build muscles and keeps them going strong all day long.


Research shows that children who eat well have better test scores, behave better, and have the energy they need to focus in school. Kids engaged in sports have more energy and are less vulnerable to injuries and broken bones if iron and calcium are at optimal levels.

nutritional needs age 1-6

Children NEED the recommended nutrients listed above and my son LOVES getting them in his shake every day.



For more information on nutrition for children or how to get optimal nutrition for your children, click here.


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