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Hello There!!

I’m Sarah!

A stay-at-home mother of six beautiful children and wife to my wonderful husband Mike!

More about Me...

We live on a amall 80-acre hobby farm in Minnesota. We have pigs, chickens, cows, dogs and cats. My husband and sons love crop farming and everything that has to do with being outdoors (Hunting, fishing, etc..)



Essential Oils

Essential Oils have been around for thousands of years. They were used and mentioned in Ancient times and even in the Bible. Essential oils have many uses and may be overwhelming sometimes. That is why I would like to develop a gift for you. Essential Oils 101, to help you learn all you can about these wonderful oils and all their uses.


Fitness is important to incorporate into your everyday living. It is important to figure out what you enjoy doing to make the most of workout. It makes sense, if you enjoy what you are doing, you will want to continue doing it.

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